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The smarter way to get your data listed everywhere it matters!

Does your business have the time and resources to manage over 50 top directories, search engines, maps and apps every month to stay relevant and visible?


Our Data Amplifier network does! We are able to distribute and publish data to a broader audience than you could ever reach on your own. Optimize and enhance local presence so your business becomes more visible by submitting to strong sites like Google, Yelp, Apple Maps and Facebook. These directories help business data become more open and accessible so that customers can find the business.

Increase Local Visibility

Rank Higher in Local and Organic Search Results

Maintain Ownership of All Business Listings

Track Local Performance

Control Quality

Boost Findability

Online business profiles on search engines and business directories get 4x the traffic that websites receive.


Your business category is how people search to find your brand online, maps, or voice searches. Your online brand is made up of not just your physical location and name, but also of the variety of services and products you may offer. It is made up of characteristics which are to your brand, and we use all of those elements to make sure that your brand is optimized to its full potential no matter how it is searched.

What helps people find you, helps your business grow.


Keep it local, but be found everywhere!


Our network distributes your business information to Data Amplifiers, Data Accelerators, GPS Accelerators and use industry specific vertical directories to help your business reach more customers when they search for your type of business. When your data is shared on our network we ensure that your business will be found on all prominent  and emerging devices, platforms and operating systems.


Each of our Directory Listing subscription plans is specifically designed to fix or enhance your local presence online. They include Vertical Directories that contain niche-specific listings categorized by industry. Each plan includes Listing Distribution, Citation Cleanup, GPS Mapping, Voice Search Readiness and much more to help you reach more customers online.

Unlike  ads,  listings  don't disappear when you  stop paying,  they keep working for you.

Get Listed. Get Found. Get More Business.

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