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Marketing is the most powerful force for those who want to make a change.

Seth Godin

Marketing Consulting

Our mission is to help your organization achieve what its vital for its future. 

Marketing Consulting - the process undertaken by us to best determine the current opportunities available to reach the intended goals of an organization, whether it would be trust, branding, volunteering, fundraising, educational or event to name a few. Non profit and public agency organizations operate at a different scale when it comes to pursuing marketing goals, but the same marketing principals apply in measuring, tracking and determining the success of any campaign. The results are not always measured in financial gains, but regardless they must be accounted for no matter what the scale of measurement is determined to be.


One of the main differences between marketing a not-for-profit organization versus a for-profit business is the way you need to connect with your intended audience. Regardless of how well known the non-profit's cause is, it always has to first to educate its audience - perception of the cause and trust of the organization are key measurements to the results.

Our Marketing Consulting services help organizations reach their intended goals through several current market opportunities that allow for optimal growth and results.

Social Media & Website

An organization's website and social media presence are often the first line of influence and most consistent interaction with potential donors, volunteers, foundations and media.


Content Creation

A non-profit relies heavily on content for its marketing and communications programs, to get the word out on needs, updates and progress of its mission. Having constant content that can be repurposed across mediums to help feed vital resources, audiences and channels is of upmost importance. Our experience with content development assignments  include marketing collateral, such as materials, brochures presentations and web content. Developing a blog schedule and educational series about the organization's mission. Fundraising campaigns and events. Production of webcasts and video.

Brand Consulting

Trust. It is the most important message for any entity raising money, fighting for a cause or wanting to gain the support of others to make a change. Having a strong brand is not just for-profit businesses, but even more so for non-profit organizations. The support it will gain is all based on how strong the organization's brand is and how well it comes off across audiences various mediums that they receive information on.


Website Planning & Design

At the forefront of any organization is a website. It is what people wanting to learn more about the organization or the cause it advocates for will first visit. Having properly designed and developed website that delivers the right message with every click of the mouse will help generate more interest. Will help drive donors and volunteers and enhance the reach of the organization's mission. 

Fundraising Strategies

Developing fundraising strategies may seem simple, but they actually take on a lot of different tasks to be able to properly implement. There needs to be a consideration for the return on investment, if costs are incurred. There also needs to be able to provide a learning experience through analysis to better determine what does and does not work. Fundraising is an extremely important part of almost all non-profits and figuring out the proper channels, approach and incentives to donors.


Covid-19 Marketing Planning

Having a plan to address outbreaks and other impeding factors that may be created by Covid-19 is now a reality for all non-profits. Not only does Covid-19 limit the organization's resource, fundraising abilities and minimize staff but it also sometimes brings about more work depending on the work a non-profit does. Having a response plan ready and available in the event of any type of pandemic or catastrophe should be part of the organization's operating manual.

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