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The Data Amplifier Network

Our Data Amplifier network distributes and publishes data to a broader audience than you could ever reach on your own. Optimize and enhance local presence so your business becomes more visible by submitting to strong sites like Google, Yelp, Apple Maps and Facebook. These directories help business data become more open and accessible so that customers can find the business.

Data Aggregators

Data aggregators are important because they distribute business data to publishing outlets such as Apple Maps and Google Maps. For instance, Neustar Localeze distributes business data to more than 100 search platforms, navigation systems and mobile apps such as Nokia and Yahoo! (Nokia, in turn, ensures that in-car navigation systems include business data.) On the other hand, Factual specializes in making real-time data available via mobile and also boasts relationships with publishers such as Weather Channel and Yelp.

Data Accelerators

Data amplifiers are important for another reason. When you provide data to data amplifiers, you also create possibilities for the data to be used by emerging local search technologies such as wearables, beacons, mobile apps, smart houses and self-driving cars. When you share data with amplifiers, you ensure that the business will be found on such emerging devices, platforms or operating systems as they grow in popularity.

Data Enhancers

Data Enhancers are premier directories that users actually use, and they are the future of local presence management. No spam here, these are trusted sites with unmatched page rank and high traffic that satisfy our stringent Domain Authority requirements. Data Enhancer directory offerings are constantly monitored via our own proprietary algorithms. Analysis of data and quality factors ensures Advice Local maintains only the very top performers.

GPS Accelerators

GPS Accelerators ensure that customers can find client locations. We submit client location details to the most important GPS mapping platforms, and in the correct categories in GPS POI databases. Our tool directly syndicates business information to powerful mapping platforms with more than 80,000 sources of data. We have connections to all the major GPS devices like Garmin, TomTom, and Magellan so we can easily add or edit business location details.

Essential Vertical Directories

Vertical Directories contain niche-specific listings categorized by industry. Businesses listed on niche citation sites are more likely to found in search because it’s easier for the robots and algorithms to understand what the business is, and what it offers, on these authoritative niche directory sites. Local Verticals are currently available for Healthcare, Legal, Home Services, Financial Institutions, and Restaurants.

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