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Community Homeless Solutions (CHS) is a $4million+ annual non-profit organization, and Monterey County largest non-profit organization servicing people experiencing homelessness and victims of domestic violence.

Our work experience with Community Homeless Solutions has been to develop their business plan, growth & market analysis, organizational management, strategic planning, development of volunteer program, website design & development, social medial and online presence management, blog and content creation, digital and print collateral design, video production, fundraising and events.

Business Development and Strategic Consulting

ARO ProReach in collaboration with the Hewlett Packard Foundation developed the Business Plan and Growth & Market Analysis for CHS. Afterwards ARO ProReach embarked on several projects; Strategic Planning for implementing phase one of the business plan and development of a new volunteer program to streamline needed efficiencies. Currently ARO ProReach is developing the organizational management model for CHS that has a total full-time and part-time staff of 80+, located in 4 cities, 2 counties and operates 10 programs.

Marketing Consulting

ARO ProReach provides various marketing consulting and development services to CHS. Our social media services include daily management of profile pages, including sponsoring ads (paid advertising) and insights. In addition, all content on the CHS social media pages; postings, images and videos are created, developed and generated by us. The CHS website was designed and developed by us. We provide daily management, technical support, updates and changes. Management of form submissions, analytics, and SEO graphing. In addition we provide consulting, design and development of campaigns which require various forms of collateral materials for fundraising and events, media relations and advertising. 

Marketing Consulting Work Samples

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Social Media

Website Design & Development

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Video production & development

Fundraising & Events

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